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Carl Posey, 20 + years shooting… Advertising, Editorial, Music Covers, etc.  

Live & Working in New York City proper. 2015 = change! Making my new current home (birth place) the SF Bay Area. Very excited, switching to the land on which I shot my first images. Focussed on the 'Now' after many travels all over America and abroad for big and small projects. Art directors, photo editors, assistants as well as hair and make-up. Sometime baby rangers. It’s a treat to play here again. Respect for the California open shadows environment. My Swiss wife is also enjoying this land of the oak trees after starting up her two fashion lines in the Big Apple. We’re hands on fashion & photography blending our lives and we get it done. Now in the West. 

Shooting Styles:  

Portraits - Magazine Editorials - Corporate - Advertising - Documentary  

Celebs / Artist - Bands - CD Covers - Publicity - involved in Creative Concept  

Shooting Tools: 


Raw files: SLR & medium format cameras 


SLR 35mm - Medium format 2 1/4 Square / 6X7 cameras - 4x5 land cameras, Pinhole box 4x5 

Film Processing Methods: 

Darkroom film & processing 35mm/120mm roll film & 4x5 sheet film 

Tank and tray processing of negs  

Darkroom image contact proofs 

Digital Raw Files Process: 

Capture one / Digital Pro Photo 

Electronic Proof Sheet Jpegs / pdf or Digital print Proof Sheet 


Capture the moment.  

Understanding human nature  

In NewYork San Francisco Amsterdam Thailand Turkey, Find the moment. 

Understanding the needs, being the subject or client. Ability to guide / direct for best out come.  

Lighting the moment for best results. Using full grip with many lights or natural day / evening light  

I understand the tools of photography, time and light along with Pin hole camera - 4x5 land camera - Polaroid camera - Hasselblad 2 1/4 camera - Digital capture, I know it. 1000 one, 1000 two, 1000 three time count. 


Find me. 

San Francisco Bay Area or New York City - (know it like the back of my hand) Ready.  

Passport handy. Knowledge on Carne if needed. 

I think I’m producer-friendly, understanding of the process. / 

Cell phone 1(917) 282 2604  

Social Media 

Facebook Page: Carl Posey Photography  

Linkedin: Carl Posey 

Twitter: carl posey photo 

Instagram: carl posey photo 


Being a portrait people shooter this can fall under the hours of anytime. Morning, simply because we like the light. Or we need to build a set for a subject that will arrive ready to go at 8 AM / The politician / CEO that will give a 15 minute window for a shoot starting at 7:35 PM out at 7:52 PM. Hip Hop / Rock Star call time for the subject is 3:30 PM show up not ready looking for craft services at 6:20 PM. Guess what? We still have to get it done. 24/7 by design, we just plan it. 


I have a desire to see connect and spend time with human beings, whats better.  

Share sometime have a peek into their soul and capture the moment. All in a shoot day. Or like I said in 15 minutes.  

The other part of interest is photo graphic balance with colors or tones. Subject on a white back ground framed in the viewfinder. Where, why.  

For that balance. 

The every day joe portrait / eccentric portrait / maniac with a rider portrait / the subject is high portrait 

I love it all perhaps some not in the moment but trust we laugh after.  


HOW (From The People) 

Ms. Kira Pollak

The New Yorker

20 West 43rd Street  

New York, NY 10036 

Dear Ms. Pollack, 

Carl Posey came on Thursday and was altogether as stated - quietly, almost subtly, relentless, indefatigable and canny in obtaining abject compliance with all his wishes and designs. 

I was not cordially anticipating the visit because I have an awkward way in front of cameras. Posey somehow succeeded, by an alchemy beyond my ken, in making his camera - I mean the object itself, the lens glass and the steel - friendly, almost inviting, which helped a lot in keeping me from stiffening into my customary cold cadaver pose before a leering camera. 

His art with a camera is known to you. His art with a subject, almost undetectable, prevails like the dew. 


John M. Phillips 


Carl – your portrait photography is fucking great, you're a talented man, I'm going to take a closer perusal of your stuff. I don't see much of anything being stilted or wilting or paused – you're in the lair of moments actually there, circling time before things stand in the coldened voidness of complete fiction. 

Angus Borsos Helium Castle 



People Places & Things 

People don’t judge a book by its cover… but yes, of course they do. Whether it’s a presentation of your food at a top spot restaurant or your latest high tech remote control gadget. Humans seem to love things that are beautifully designed or interestingly presented. The same goes for your magazine or website presentation, attractive photography for your visitors / readers / clients matters.